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Build a World
You Love out of
Big Life Change
with Confidence
and Ease.

Are you going through huge changes in your life, or do you feel like you need to?

Using the very latest in coaching techniques, NLP tools and EFT, I support you to thrive (not just survive) through big change, to build a life you love of your own making and design.

Birmingham, Certified, Holistic Life and Business Transformation Coach and NLP Specialist Jenny Jarvis
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Big Life Change..

What do I mean, a big life change? by Life Change Coach Jenny Jarvis

I mean just that, A Big Life Change. You are either having a big life change forced upon you, call it: divorce, kids growing up, needing a new direction in your career, going through the breakup of a long term relationship, loss of parents  (I could go on!..), or you are seeking a Big Life Change of your own design and don't know where to begin: call it starting a new business, dating for the first time in a while, or just ready to discover more in life..

If you are going through a Big Life Change or seeking your own..

You are my why! - Life Change Coach Jenny Jarvis talks about how big changes in her life have bought her to helping others deal with theirs.
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Why?... I've been where you are now. The "just a wife" to no longer a wife, navigating new relationships that didn't work out, being a mum to teenage girls (and working a minimum wage job to fit around their needs) to the desire for something of my own. 

I was lost.. (VERY!) but I always knew it didn't have to be that way so I tried doing it myself and hell... lets face it, we’re all a Google search or self-help book away from figuring out exactly how to change our life. But despite the thousands of personal development articles and enough tools, tricks and ‘life hacks’ to drown in…We still don’t do anything. Why?.. The fact is, it's almost impossible to do it on your own. So what did I do? I went out and sought the people who could help me and WOW, it really is like magic! The changes I have made are mind blowing and you can do it too. Having experienced the power of coaching, I signed up to a free taster session for The Coaching Academy and my life changed in an instant. I had finally found "my thing".. my Why!! I can now help you in the ways I have been helped. I've trained hard, I've coached many to great success and now it's your turn.. Let's Begin!

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become a more confident you with life change specialist Jenny Jarvis
If I Can do it, so can you! - Work with life change specialist Jenny Jarvis and build a life you love.
Are you ready to love yourself and the world you create with Life Change Specialist Jenny Jarvis
Love yourself and the world you create?
Be a more confident you?
Stop making excuses as to why you can’t
(when others obviously can)?
Have certainty about your life and career?
Tackle, push past and grab hold of all those beliefs that are holding you back and throw them away for good?
Stop worrying about what others think (or say) about you?
Make changes in your world and the world?
Feel at ease with money, make it work for you instead of against you?
Take charge of the changes in your life instead of letting them take charge of you?