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Your Money Mindset

Unlock the Limiting Beliefs of the Past, Shift Negative Associations with Money and Take Giant Steps Towards Financial Freedom.
How do you feel about money?
Do you wish you had more?
Do you worry about having more?
Do you worry about spending money?
Do you worry about saving it?
Do you feel constant anxiety surrounding money?
Do you hold yourself back from earning a higher salary
for worrying about what others may think of you?
Is money a constant struggle?
Do you delay opening post for fear of what you might find?

If any of these things sound familiar, our money mindset workshop is for you!
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Ready to Start Your Journey to Real Financial Freedom?

Our money mindset workshop has been created to enable massive shifts in your thoughts and feelings around money. This is not just a workshop where you listen to us waffling on about how you should change your mindset and why, it is interactive, inspiring and profound. Those who have attended have reported huge differences in how they deal with money since being on the workshop and some have actively invited money into their lives. 

Why is this workshop different to the rest?

I work with Rafe Nauen who has been working in the word of Family Constellation Therapy for 20 years. He deals with your history and where your mindset originates. We look at the past, identifying and releasing the things that are holding you back


Once we have worked through the past we move to the present, carrying out an NLP session where we shift negative associations with money. 


Finally, we step into the future and go through a coaching process where you can plan your next steps to financial success (whether that means having more money, creating savings, feeling at ease with money, whatever success means to you). 

Meet Jenny and Rafe..

For the first 40 years of my life I had an anxiety ridden relationship with money. Adressing this issue inspired me to help others to do the same. 

I am a mum and business owner and know the importance of breaking through these barriers to live a Big Life. 

an abundant life with Jenny Jarvis Life
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I met Rafe on a trauma weekend. We hit it off immediately and I started to learn about the wonders of Family Constellation Therapy. 

Rafe has worked in this field for over 20 years and is an authority on trauma resolution using ancestral healing.

Ready to Start Your Journey to Real Financial Freedom?

We limit the workshop to 10 attendees so we can focus fully on everyone in the group. The feedback from the group sessions has been that they have all learned something from their fellow attendees which also helped them with further mindset shifts. 

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Free Money Mindset Workshop with BigLife

Jenny and Rafe discuss all things Money Mindset; the successes and the tools and techniques they use to bring so many people a whole new relationship with their finances.

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