Do you want to be part of changing peoples lives and earning passive income while you do it?


So many people go through life in 'Survive Mode' they stumble on from day to day, living as best they can. My coaching practice and programs are my mission to help people to thrive in life (particularly if they are going through big changes such as divorce, career change, starting a business, loss of loved ones..).


How many times have you heard friends and family say "oh, surviving" when you ask how they are? How many of them have you seen stuck in situations that make them miserable because they can't see a way out? How often have you thought, "if only I could do something to help"?
Now is your chance to be part of that amazing mission and to earn some extra cash for yourself along the way by partnering with me.

I am looking to partner with passionate people and businesses who want to be a part of our incredible team, helping people push past the negative associations of the past and building the life of their dreams.

Why Become a Jenny Jarvis Partner?

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No Cost, No Risk

There is no cost to you to join the program and It’s no risk for your audience – My work is tried and tested with great results so that you can sell with integrity knowing that your audience will love their life changing experience.

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We offer amazing commissions on clients that you bring in, paid at the end of every month (and there's no time limit) you refer a client and everytime they book a package or program you will earn.

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It doesn't end at commissions. We are going to make partnering fun with some amazing prizes for you to win including some personal coaching with me as well as other bonuses, cash prizes and experiences.

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When you partner with me you'll have my full support in what your doing, you'll get full whatsapp and email access to me as well as a range of Canva templates you can use and adapt as you need.

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How Does it Work?

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Sign Up

Complete the easy form below and once we've reviewed it we'll be in touch to invite you to a quick 20 min zoom call. Once accepted you'll get access to the Partner Portal and you're all set!

Find Clients
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Go out and find people who are ready to invest in making massive shifts in their mindset and life in order to really thrive in a world that they love. You could talk to friends, family and colleagues, post on social media and even send emails.

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Submit Your Client

Through the Partner Portal you'll be able to submit your potential client to us with a simple form, you should then direct them to the website to start their life change journey.

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Earn & Win

Sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour, everytime your submitted client makes a booking or a purchase with Jenny Jarvis, you earn commission and be one step closer to some amazing prizes!

Commission Schedule



Client Joins a BigLife 1-1 Program


Client Joins BigLife Together

(minimum 3 months sign up)


Client Joins a Paid Workshop 


Get 10 Clients on to Free Introductory Calls


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