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You've taken the amazing steps of taking control and taking action to make significant leaps forward in your life! Keep that momentum going!

I want to thank you properly for taking interest and trusting me, and give you a ONE - TIME - ONLY offer to book a few 1-1 sessions with me to work through the guide fully supported and with a huge £300 discount if you sign up right now..

Find Yourself After Seperation and Divorce

You have come out of a relationship and your world is upside down. You are worried about finances, self-worth, feeling lonely forever, trusting yourself or anyone else and you wonder if life will ever get back to “normal”. 

And there is also that spark. The light inside that wonders what opportunities this might bring for you. How can you change your life to something you really want to live?

Let’s face it, it hasn’t been great for a while. Arguments, thoughts of not being good enough, walking on eggshells and looking in the mirror not recognising the person who is looking back at you. 

I know because I have been there


Several times actually. It’s a pretty horrible space to be in and one I decided I did not want to revisit again. 

The thing that saved me was knowing it could be different. I often sat wondering if it was true but deep down, I knew. I knew I didn’t have to tolerate the life I had. I knew I could find the way forward with some help. 

My first step was to find a career I loved, that’s when I came across coaching. Doing my qualification was the first time I felt at home doing anything. Supporting that with NLP to help make huge mindset shifts, I’m excited to be able to help you on your journey as my coaches helped me on mine. 

My clients come to me with the big question “who am I?”


When you have been with a partner for years and one day you are alone, it throws up so many questions. Why wasn’t I good enough (this was one of my personal favourites)? Why couldn’t we work it out? What’s wrong with me/them? How can I move forward? What if I’m alone forever? Who the hell am I?

Some clients come with business goals and others want to make new friends, whatever it is, I support my clients to find themselves, be happy with who they are and continue to grow long after we finish coaching. They still message me now telling me how their life has continued to expand. It’s a joy to hear what they are up to and how they are achieving more and more. 


I reached out to Jenny during a major crisis point in my life where I needed help and guidance to get myself back on track. Like so many women I had put myself last for many years, being part of a long-term couple and a working mother. When that relationship ended, I found myself questioning who I am and where I want to be. Jenny helped me to understand what my values in life are and we worked through future goals and boundary setting. I looked forward to my weekly sessions which were always enlightening, engaging and left me feeling really energised. It was great to talk to someone who has a really positive mindset and was able to reframe my situation and ultimately help me to move on. I would recommend Jenny to anyone who is looking for a warm and friendly coach who can not only help you to get the root of your issues but can also set you on a positive path to improvement. Going to miss my weekly sessions. Thanks again

You've taken the amazing steps of taking control and taking action to make significant leaps forward in your life! Keep that momentum going!

Take the first steps towards happiness out of separation and divorce.


This mini-program of three sessions with me will start you on the way to designing YOUR life, discovering who YOU really are, designing your life the way YOU want it and being the person YOU really want to be. 

and this is your ONE and ONLY chance to get this life changing

in-person program with me reduced from £497 to just £97.

  • Unlock the real YOU

    a Mini Program of 1-1 Sessions with me to find the real YOU
    Valid for 3 months
    • 3x 1 Hour Zoom Sessions with Jenny
    • Personal and tailored guidance through the Who am I guide
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