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Discover Your True Self and Potential

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I help introverts beat fear & self doubt to design and live the life they really want to be living.

Build Confidence and Communication

Get Unstuck and Move Forward

Let Go of Anxiety and Subconscious Blocks

Create Secure and Thriving Relationships

I'm a UK life coach helping introverts design and live the life they really want to be living. I use coaching and NLP to help you discover the real you, build confidence and communication skills, get unstuck & move forward with your dreams, let go of anxiety & subconscious blocks and Thrive instead of 'Just Survive'

Five Star Customer Rating on Goggle for Jenny Jarvis Coaching
Jenny Jarvis Coaching can be found on the Life Coach Directory
Jenny Jarvis is a highly trained life change coach and is accredited by the Coaching Academy
Jenny Jarvis NLP Specialist is a Professional Member of the ANLP


I'm Jenny Jarvis

I am an ambivert - extrovert with many introverted tendencies (I love people, just not too many all at once). I am a Dreamer and a Realist; Artistic and Conventional; Spiritual and Logical. I love life, even with the challenges it has brought. I am a happy contradiction; I think it gives me a healthy balance.

Coaching, NLP and several other mindset and subconscious tools have helped me through Big Changes in my life including postnatal depression, lack of confidence, negative mindset, autoimmune disease, divorce, dating and money worries to name a few. 

And now my mission is to use all of my experience, passion and training to help you too!


Work with Me 

Imagine your life as it could be.

Happiness, confidence and success are not just accidents that "happen' to some people and not to others. They are not the products of luck or birth and they are not 'out of reach' for introverts (or anyone)

They are predictable results created by deliberate ways of thinking and acting, Ways that I'll be sharing with you and guiding you through as I empower you and support you to think BIG, design the life YOU really want to be living -


Many of the people I've worked with, Just like you, start out wondering if they can really make such amazing changes in their lives and ended up astonishing themselves and those around them.


And as I always say, If I can do it, If they can do it - THEN SO CAN YOU!

you just need the right guidance, tools and support.

"Enthusiastic", "Vibrant", "Energising", "Encouraging". These are some of the words my clients use about me when we work together.

They leave sessions feeling calmer, uplifted and motivated to take the actions they commit to. 

I help my clients to realise it is never too late to change their behaviour, inner monologue and situation to create the life they really want. 

Change can be scary (whether it's a choice or not), but it's much less scary with me in your corner!

One to One 


Break free of your self-imposed limitations and unleash your full potential with a personalised,one to one coaching & NLP package designed to help you build a bigger, fuller, happier life.

Group Membership


It's like gym membership but for your whole life (not just those abs!) with group coaching sessions, a hub of video resources & programs AND members chat lounge. Its an inclusive, support & growth community

Workshops & Events


A range of one off workshops, masterminds, and events to level up particular areas of your life including Self-Discovery, Confidence, Communication, Relationships & Money.

Online Shop


A range of products, tools, online programs and more to put you one step ahead in the game of life and some great clothing and lifestyle items to make sure you look and feel great too!

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