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Jenny Jarvis can help you thrive through divorce and other big changes in life
Work with specialist life change coach Jenny Jarvis
"Enthusiastic", "Vibrant", "Energising", "Encouraging". These are some of the words my clients use about me when we work together. 

They leave sessions feeling calmer, uplifted and motivated to take the actions they commit to. 

I help my clients to realise it is never too late to change their behaviour, inner monologue and situation to create the life they really want. 

Change can be scary (whether it's a choice or not), but it's much less scary with me in your corner!
BigLife - The signature 1-1 life change coaching and NLP program from Jenny Jarvis



My Flagship 1-1 Coaching Program.

How would you feel if your life was exactly how you want it?

We work 1-1 so we can go deep into the heart of what is stopping you and create a plan just for you. 


My Signature Group Coaching Program.

There's safety in numbers! Within the group I will lead you to inspire each other, hold each other accountable and have a community to help you through your Big Life Changes.


Jenny Jarvis leads her Big Life Confidence in Change Group Program

Now Enrolling for January 2022

Start the new year with real life change not just resolutions.

Money, Money, Money, must be funny...

Money can be fun, but more often it comes with layers of unhelpful beliefs, stress, lack, anxiety and we definitely must not talk about it!

If you are fed up of money controlling your life, this Live, group coaching, NLP and Constellation therapy workshop with Jenny and Rafe is for you. 

Stop money controlling your life with Jenny Jarvis

Money Mindset

Unleash your money mindset with Jenny and Rafe
Rafe unlocks and removes your limiting beliefs about money
Join a group of like minded people for coaching and chat to support you through change


Big Life Together the life change club with Jenny Jarvis

My membership club for those who want to dip their toe into the world of Personal Development but don't feel ready to make an investment in 1-1 coaching

Join a group of like-minded people for regular coaching and chat to support each other through change. 
(And don't miss out on the BLT Breakfast Club!)