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My Story

I had always suffered from anxiety; I don’t really know why. It may have been the bullying at Junior school (kids will always find something to say about you, especially if they see it bothers you). It could have been the move to Scotland at 12 years old and finding myself in an entirely new environment with a set of challenges I didn’t know existed; or it could have been something else entirely.


The fact was, I never really felt comfortable being me. My relationship with anxiety spread through university, wedding planning and eventually came to a head when I suffered with Postnatal Depression after my first daughter was born.

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My Life Changed Forever..

At this point I wasn’t suddenly eradicated of all anxiety, but what I did have was positivity, I embraced possibility. As a family we subsequently moved around the country, supporting my husband’s rapidly advancing career, bringing up two children to finally land in Derbyshire. Unfortunately, all the stress and uncertainty took its toll on my health and I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Graves Disease (Hyper-Thyroid). Again, I was not to be defeated and after 3 years of medication and focusing on lifestyle changes, have been in remission for over 5 years.

I still hadn’t learned to enjoy living in the moment , I was always anxious to get to the next thing, worrying that whatever did come next might be a disaster.  Sadly, all these challenges affected my marriage and we went our separate ways while continuing to co-parent our children. I spent a year with a wonderful therapist and life got back on track, I was once again moving forward with more certainty.

UK Confidence Coach Jenny Jarvis with her German Shephard

This was the start of my journey of self discovery..

Life Change Expert Jenny Jarvis with her daughters Katie and Fiona

There I was, a new mum with a perfect, beautiful baby girl and I was….miserable. I lived in a fog where my head just couldn’t see above the clouds. Fortunately, even with anxiety and depression, I am also incredibly tenacious and resilient. I fought hard to get better, seeking help wherever I could find it (and that was not easy!).

A year later I successfully came off anti-depressants and eventually became pregnant with my second child. I was determined things were going to be different this time. I was going to have a natural delivery (after a previous c-section) and I was going to enjoy the process. I achieved my goal with the support of a 20-week programme of hypnotherapy, NLP and Reiki.

Jenny Jarvis Coaching people through big life changes with confidence
Jenny Jarvis helping people through big life changes

And then I found Coaching..

In 2018 I gave up my part time job to find what I really wanted to do with my life. I had celebrated my 40th birthday and it felt like it would be now or never. I had investigated various career options including therapist and counsellor but then I had a light-bulb moment. I had spent years as a colleague, wife, friend and mother, supporting those around me. I often found myself helping people work through their issues, but I was also aware of how connected I could get to the problem itself. That’s when I thought about coaching. What more positive way to help people move forward with their lives than in a coaching capacity.


I signed up to a free 2-day workshop to see what I thought. I LOVED it! It was as though all of my experiences had come together over the last 40 years to this point in time where I finally knew where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be. A few weeks later I signed up to The Coaching Academy full programme, giving me experience in all fields of coaching from personal to business, including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

I haven’t stopped coaching since.


Every day I look forward to opening my diary and seeing what clients I have to work with. 

If I can do it...So can You!

Happiness, confidence and success are not just accidents that 'happen' to some people and not to others. They are not the products of 'luck' or 'birth' and they are not 'out of reach' for introverts (or anyone!)

They are predictable results created by deliberate ways of thinking and acting. Ways that I'll be sharing with you and guiding you through as I empower you to think BIG, design the life YOU really want to be living - AND ACTUALLY START LIVING IT!

Many of the people I've worked with, just like you, start out wondering if they can really make such amazing changes in their lives and ended up astonishing themselves and those around them.


And as I always say, if I can do it, if they can do it - THEN SO CAN YOU!

You just need the right guidance, tools and support.

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Facts About Me


Mum to two teenage girls who are ageing me by the day as they stumble through life!

Reiki Master and Lover of ALL things Arts & Crafts!

Tea over coffee and lemon drizzle is my cake of choice!

I am not particularly religious but one of my hobbies is change ringing (That's the ringing of church bells for those that don't know).

My lovely Matt (who I manifested as my perfect partner) theatre, walks, fillet steak, seafood, red wine and french cheese all have my heart.

I have a degree in Fashion from Edinburgh College of Art.

Connection, Togetherness & Communication are my top life values.

My DISC profile, personality type is an (I). 

I actually find rollercoasters relaxing!!

I have discovered I probably have ADHD and my daughter's are also neurodivergent - it's a whole new world!

Facts About Me
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