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Unmasking: Dementia, PTSD, ADHD, End of Life one show at a time

A man, teenage boy and woman sitting on seats looking glum. They are people wearing masks for a theatre production

Using Theatre for more than entertainment

A theatre production with masks and no speaking, what was I getting myself in to?

Matt invited me to the opening night of his play produced by Vamos Theatre, one he said he was so proud of as it is artistic and unusual. But I wasn’t sure.

A play about end of life where there are no spoken words. I wasn’t convinced it was my thing at all.

The play was called Dead Good and as the light that Matt had carefully orchestrated came up and I saw the set for the first time, I knew this was going to be “dead good”.

I was transfixed, watching the story of 2 men who had been given terminal diagnosis, and who were completely different in personality going from adversaries to allies. In the connection of imminent death, they formed a bond.

The play was funny, moving and tear inducing.

As it was opening night, we all stayed after for drinks with the cast and crew, and I loved the family feel. It’s a small group of people doing amazing things, I was hooked.

I immediately called my parents and told them they had to get tickets.

It was soon time for Rachael to start the next production. She does years of research in line with her ethos of “nothing about us without us” and this time, she is tackling three issues: new parenting, getting old and ADHD all within 3 terrace houses on a street. This is where I came in and played my small part in the proceedings. I told Rachael all about the experiences I have had with my ADHD daughter, and we had some group calls and consultations with other families experiencing challenges. I cannot wait to see it in January and am honoured to have the mum in the play named after me. 2 mums called Jenny trying to wrangle their ADHD teens!

I asked Rachael if she would like to join me on the podcast to tell the listeners all about why she does what she does and the impact it is having in the theatre world and beyond.

The Podcast is available on all major platforms by searching for The Drama Dialogues

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