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They Say Owners Are Like Their Dogs…

For me, this was the case. I was a German Shepherd.

My beautiful girl, Amber, loved her walks. She walked so much further than any of us. She would run between the person at the back and the person at the front. Always checking we were together, always making sure no one was missing. If anyone dropped behind, she would never quite seem to know what to do. She did not like her family spreading out that way. She was always exhausted in the end.

I used to watch her doing this and think to myself, they do say dogs are like their owners.

You see, inside I was doing the same thing. I wanted everyone to be together all the time, and if someone branched off in their own direction, anxiety would build inside me. I couldn’t quite work out who I wanted to go with. Who was my loyalty to? Which way did I want to turn?

I acknowledge this must have been very stressful for my ex-husband. He would often want us to do our own thing. Internally I would be on edge, unable to relax until we were all together again. I am sure many people do this in all areas of their lives.

Decisions between job and family, new boyfriends and old friends, parents and in-laws. Struggling to make decisions on where their time and loyalty lies.

Now I have awareness that this is my personality type and I can choose how much I listen to it, I am able to make decisions that are much better for me without worrying about who is being left behind, they are free to go at their own pace.

No more going around in circles checking everyone is OK. Letting go. Being me.

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