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Tools to Keep you Balanced When Life is going Crazy!

Changes and how they affect us

The world around us is changing all the time. The seasons change, the weather changes minute by minute, our hair can go from long to short, thick to bald and we can move from healthy to ill with little warning. We can lose our jobs, have our partner leave us, or we can leave them.

Some of these changes are nature, others are forced on us and some are choices we make.

Change can be scary, it can be devastating, it can be uplifting, but it is always life altering.

We get to choose whether we embrace the change and grow from it, or we hide in a hole pretending it isn’t happening.

Here are some of the reasons people do not like change:

Lack of perceived benefit – If the change doesn’t look like it creates any benefit, then why would you rock the boat? By illustrating how the change benefits the person, it is easier to embrace.

Fear of the unknown – All those catastrophic “what if” questions we ask ourselves. What if it all goes wrong? What if I can’t do it? What if… Try asking the opposite, what if it makes life better?

Feeling Overwhelmed – Change often comes at a time when loads of other things are happening. Just because we are getting divorced does not mean we can stop raising kids, going to work and in some instances, it means we have to do those things so much more than before. When big changes are happening at work, we still have a home life to deal with. It can be exhausting. Creating a good plan can help with overwhelm.

Change could bring new problems – Life is quiet at the moment. It’s not particularly fulfilling, but it’s fine. If we make these changes, it may not be fine anymore. It could be better, but it could bring up a whole host of new problems. A promotion could mean you have to work longer hours. A job change could mean a house move too. Kids moving school means learning a new routine, getting to know the teachers, being more independent. This may feel more of a worry than what you already have.

My Own Challenges with Change.

I am currently dealing with a lot of changes. I’m still working through divorce details (after 6 years of separation), my daughter is going through the teenage years with a force that the suffragettes would have been proud of (not so much her school though) and my older daughter is dealing with the anxiety of GCSE’s.

In the next year, everything is going to be different.

One thing I know for sure is, I will be happy, I will be safe, and I will be growing.

These thoughts keep me sane in the most difficult of days.

The ones where my daughter decides to jump out of the window to go to her friends at night (I will laugh about it one day). The days when the solicitor sends another letter that costs a fortune and I wonder “what now”, the days when the school calls again because my daughter doesn’t want to follow rules she deems pointless, or she stands up for another kids and it gets her into trouble.

When all around is falling in, what do I do?

Several years ago, I would have pulled the duvet over my head. In fact, I got so stressed I landed myself with a delightful auto-immune disorder that made sure I stopped.

Tools I use to help with Change.

  • Now I go for a walk (yeah, I know, kind of cheesy and something a few years ago I would have rolled my eyes and sighed at).

  • I surround myself with positive people.

  • I repeat my affirmations – all steps are forward, if someone else can do it so can I, I am responsible for how I react.

  • I remind myself how far I have come.

  • I acknowledge that if I sink, it doesn’t help anyone else (this isn’t about false positivity, it’s about allowing myself to be happy even when my loved ones are struggling).

  • I acknowledge my feelings; By saying I am sad, fed up, upset, I give my feelings the time and space they deserve, thank them for being there for me and let them go. Squashing does not help when it comes to feelings. They eventually bounce up an hit you in the face.

  • If you don’t have the tools to hand to do any of the above (I know I didn’t for years and some days I still forget), then I can help you discover how you can find inner happiness (or peace at least) even when there are huge challenges.

How I can help

My 1-1 programs will give you the focus, challenge and direction to find what you are looking for.

My membership will surround you with inspiring and positive people.

My Emails, YouTube and Social Media posting will give you the daily boost you need to know you are not alone, others are going through similar things and it is possible to change if you choose to.

The Video Rundown

Take the first steps towards your own Powerful Life.


Jenny Jarvis is a practicing, certified, UK Holistic Life Change Coach and NLP Specialist who has empowered numerous people to live a life of their dreams, unleash their relationship with money and start and grow brands and businesses to great success. A truly inspirational individual, Jenny is also the mum to two amazing teens, a Reiki Master and motivational speaker. She inspires all to harness their greatness through energised coaching sessions, workshops and her membership club.

Book a free introductory session with Jenny and discovery how you might work together. Or why not get started with her FREE 'Life Change Kickstart' Mini course


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