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Every September was Hellish...

How do you feel about change?

Do you like it?

Or is it just flippin’ scary?

So why was every September a total nightmare?

It’s something that took us years to work out.

But every single year, the Tasmanian Devil would appear in the house.

Whipping through everything, tearing the place up (and that included the other people in the house too, no one was safe!).

So, what was it?

September is the start of the new school year.

It’s the start of a change.

New teacher, classroom, friends within the classroom.

My daughter just couldn’t cope.

It took a friend to point it out after several years of the same.

I don’t think it was the change itself.

I think it was the lack of control.

It was change that was forced, not chosen.

Learning how to manage change is so important to living a happy life.

Changes are forced upon us all the time.

Our parents grow old and leave us as the new head of the family. No longer a son/daughter.

Our partners leave us without warning (or with years of warnings we ignore).

Our kids grow up and leave us with an “empty nest”.

Our careers change because the company we are working in changes.

Our health changes as we succumb to illnesses.

And there are the changes we choose; they can be no less scary (often they are more so because it is all on our shoulders if it “goes wrong”. Plus, we usually have family and friends trying to hold us back to keep us safe).

We choose change because we know something has to change.

We choose to leave our relationships because they are not working for us.

We decide to leave our job and build a career we have always dreamed of, but don’t know whether it will be what we really wanted.

We move house, get married, have kids.

It’s all scary! Even with excitement... fear is often right behind us looking over our shoulder.

How do you deal with change?

Is it scary or exciting (or both)?

I help support people through the big changes in life.

It’s so easy to have an idea and get started.

It’s much harder to gain momentum and keep it up without support.

You start to ask yourself:

Why did I leave my secure job?

What if I’m actually not good at this?

Why did I leave my partner, at least I wasn’t on my own?

Why did my parents have to leave me with all of this to clear up, I just can’t cope?

Now the kids have gone, maybe I should just get a normal job, even if it doesn’t inspire me.

I help you by:

Looking at the things that are holding you back, break them down, challenge how you think and find something to believe that actually helps you.

Using tools to quickly alter the way you think and feel.

Supporting you to create an actionable plan, just for you, that works.

Being there when you want to scream, cry and have a non-judgemental ear.

My daughter does not have the same reaction to every September. Maybe she just learned to accept the change, knowing it would be coming every year. Sometimes I see glimpses, but Taz is now back in the cartoon where he belongs.

If you are going through a big change (big is what it means to you), you do not have to do it alone. By investing in your change, you can save time, emotion, energy and live the life you want a lot more quickly.

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Jenny Jarvis is a practicing, certified, UK Holistic Life Change Coach and NLP Specialist who has empowered numerous people to live a life of their dreams, unleash their relationship with money and start and grow brands and businesses to great success. A truly inspirational individual, Jenny is also the mum to two amazing teens, a Reiki Master and motivational speaker. She inspires all to harness their greatness through energised coaching sessions, workshops and her membership club. Book a free introductory session with Jenny HERE and discovery how you might work together. Or why not get started with her FREE 'Life Change Kickstart' Mini course HERE


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