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Changing Your Mind Is A Taboo Subject

“You can change anything (partner, career, yourself), you just have to give yourself permission.” – Jimmy Carr (Before and Laughter)

It’s weird, I used to hate Jimmy Carr (well, I didn’t actually know him, but once his face appeared on the tv screen I was compelled to switch channel), yet here I am after finishing his (audio) book in just a few days and pressing play from the beginning again.

The fact is, I changed my mind!

This is still a bit of a taboo in society.

We are supposed to have a belief and stick to it for eternity.

Jimmy goes on to say…

“Interviewers rip into politicians if their opinions have differed over time”.

I had never thought about it like this, but it’s so true.

We expect others to change their mind (if it means we have actively convinced them into our way of thinking), yet it’s still seen as a weakness.

But without these “U-turns” we would never progress.

This all means that there is no doing right for doing wrong.

You may as well do as you please!

If we don’t change our mind, we just stay the same.

Adam Yauch (from the Beastie Boys) says, “I would rather be a hypocrite than the same person forever”.

We can absolutely embrace contradicting ourselves.

We can give ourselves permission not to think that way anymore.

We can choose to change and grow.

And when we give ourselves permission to do that, the sky is the limit.

We can change our minds on anything we choose to.

We can change from “I’m not a businessperson” to “oh look, here I am running my own business”.

We can change from “I’m not happy in this marriage but I better stay for the kids” to “here I am living my best life with happy kids because I am happy”.

We can change from “I hate being on my own” to “I love my own company”.

We can change from “I can’t stand Jimmy Carr” to “his book is among my favourites of all time (and it’s audible so I can even hear him)”.

Turns out I LOVE Jimmy. He speaks so much sense.

So, in the words of Jimmy

“The world changes, circumstances change, it’s not flip flopping, it’s not a lack of’s Growth!!”

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Jenny Jarvis is a practicing, certified, UK Holistic Life Change Coach and NLP Specialist who has empowered numerous people to live a life of their dreams, unleash their relationship with money and start and grow brands and businesses to great success. A truly inspirational individual, Jenny is also the mum to two amazing teens, a Reiki Master and motivational speaker. She inspires all to harness their greatness through energised coaching sessions, workshops and her membership club. Book a free introductory session with Jenny HERE and discovery how you might work together. Or why not get started with her FREE 'Life Change Kickstart' Mini course HERE


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